Biden won and Trump does not recognize him: what now? | Potus 2020 | Podcasts on Audible

In this episode of Potus 2020, Julieta Nassau, Juan Landaburu and Rafael Mathus Ruiz review the last ten days of vertigo in the United States, which began with the election day of November 3. Several days without results, inflammatory statements by Donald Trump and, finally, the declaration of Joe Biden as the winner of the United States. Meanwhile, the president remains on the offensive and opens a scene of questions in the United States. What will be the legitimacy of Biden in such a polarized country? What will become of Trumpism? What are the main challenges for former Obama vice president? To answer them, Federico Merke, from the University of San Andrés, and Inés Capdevila, secretary of the Mundo de LA NACION editorial office, joined in this episode.

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