Biden’s tax plan and his difference with Trump

In a speech from the White House, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, gave the details of the plan that, he promises, will be the largest injection of resources in order to keep the country competitive against China.

This ambitious plan urgently needs the approval of Congress. Biden also noted that it would be financed by an increase in corporate taxes for 15 years.

In his column in First Guideline, from Radio GUIDE, the international analyst John Müller He explained that “it must be recognized that Biden has not only announced how the money is going to be spent, but is now announcing how it is going to collect it.” In this first stage, around half of the funds would be dedicated to renovating traditional infrastructures.

The pattern of John Müller

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Regarding the differences with his predecessor, Müller assured “that the former president of the United States Donald Trump he was very good at announcing how he was going to lower taxes, but he never announced a stabilization plan that figured out how he was going to finance it. “

The analyst indicated that the US debt has skyrocketed after the ex-president’s fiscal irresponsibility.

Look at John Müller’s comment in First Guideline


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