Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

The big difference between Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack is that Lauren – and her family (she is, of course, the daughter of NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman) – were PRINCIPALS companies, all of which benefited financially and had many years of insider knowledge.

Allison was purposefully hired for celebrity – late in the game – long after the Salzman saw the results of the toxic program they administered – to my sister Gina Hutchinson, who died – to Kristin Snyder – who disappeared – to the many others, those who died suffered from the loss of intellect, means, and spirit, and for some, the innocence of their childhood.

Allison lost her future – her career, her childbearing years, her reputation, and some say she has her own will and identity.

Lauren may have lost those things as well, but Lauren has done so far more freely and voluntarily.

Ben Myers and Lauren Salzman – devoted, knowing supporters of the Vanguard.

Lauren was there – born for it. Her sister Michelle, who married Ben Myers – the true love of Mexican Daniella, who enslaved and endangered Lauren – was also born the daughter of Nancy Salzman.

Nancy passed her cultic recruiting and indoctrination skills and techniques to both daughters.

Now they can repent, but for two decades, Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman of the Nxivm company profited.

Lauren's sister Michelle recruited Ben Myers – and seduced him from Daniella Padilla – who was forced to watch as she was imprisoned by Lauren.

Ben Myers was a used gear, an IT guy who was willing to hack and cheat. [Ben replaced Daniela as the chief hacker in Nxivm],

Ben, Lauren's brother-in-law, benefited financially.

He was in the grift.

He lied to the police to set up NXIVM whistleblowers in case of computer breach before Allison came to DOS.

Allison was recruited and seduced by Lauren herself. Lauren used the Bronfman Jet and the name to literally lure her to Albany in style.

Allison Mack [l] was recruited by Kristin Kreuk in Nxivm [r], When Allison first attended an Nxivm class, the Salzman invited her to Albany to meet high-profile Keith Raniere. To complete the deal, they flew them with the Bronfman's private jet. Allison was soon addicted.

Allison was sexually molested by Lauren, Nancy and Clare Bronfman.

Allison was forced into lies by deception and lies in Keith's bed.

Keith Raniere brought Allison to his bed promising that he would allow her to be near him and to father an avatar baby for her. Allison believed the hairy and jumped into the monster's boudoir. She also participated in a threesome with Daniela Padilla and later wrote an email to Keith announcing it was a learning experience.

Lauren knew how to hook Allison-all her recruits. She testified that she too had been deceived by Keith – but long before she had tricked Allison.

Dirty bitch Lauren Salzman testified that she had been three with Keith. These occurred before Allison was hired. But Lauren, when she recruited Allison to become a full-time Nxivm worker, lied to Allison and told her that Raniere was a celibate.

Allison was financially and emotionally affronted, and like the Fernandez girls, recruited by Lauren himself under false pretenses of emotional blackmail and sales tactics under pressure, all the tricks Lauren used were cut off from her mind and enslaved.

Lauren was vicious. That's obvious. She and her mother, her entire clan, knew exactly what Raniere had to do with his victims. And they benefited from it.

The difference between Lauren and Allison is that Lauren earned more than $ 100,000 a year as an Nxivm executive. Allison, on the other hand, has used up all her savings, which she has barely made in Nxivm. No, they are not comparable in their evil. Allison was deceived – Lauren was wrong – along with Raniere.

Allison's crime was to believe too long that she was involved in something empowering and good-that a judge, a court, a jury, everyone would find that she "took one for the team."

Allison should receive the lighter penalty.

Lauren could compete with Raniere.

But Nancy Salzman, who did not cooperate – as Lauren supposedly said – in the investigation and betrayed all the other defendants by holding them back while she sneaked into the first position to make a "plea" – even though she did Has returned nothing to prosecutors – has earned the strictest sentence next to Raniere of all.

Clare Bronfman was indoctrinated and robbed by Nancy Salzman, and possibly by others who had convinced her to invest in and take over Keith Raniere's cause. One reason that Salzman knew was fraudulent from the start.

This little idiot did not know better – she fell in love with Keith Raniere.
Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack embrace each other tightly.

But remember, it was Lauren who supported Raniere, Lauren and Clare and Nancy, and Sara Bronfman, who told Allison that Keith was the most wonderful man in creation who helped influence Allison.

Allison first came to know Keith when all these women – led by Nancy and Lauren – told her what a genius, what an ethical and spiritual man Keith was.

Did not they lie – [even pretending that he was a celibate when all of them had slept with him] Allison could have had a completely different turn in her life.

The women – especially Lauren Salzman – were despicable in the case of Allison Mack.