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Mate of an outstanding Aminu in the game of the men in black. (FIBA BASKETBALL)


Losing in Bamberg was possible, but it was a shame because the men in black have competed while their forces have lasted. The key has been mediated the third quarter and at the start of the last, a period of six long minutes in which Mumbrú’s men have conceded a partial of 21-0, running out of options at all, after passing the score of a favorable 51 -52 to an unreachable 72-52. To make matters worse, during that period Iñigo Betolaza, the only pure point guard currently swarming among the men in black, has been injured.

Therefore, whether or not the men in black will pass to the next phase of the FIBA ​​Basketball Champions League will be in the duel they will play on the 27th from 6.30 pm –Euskal Herria time– on the Pinar Karsiyaka field.

The people of Bilbao have endured what they could and while the bellows lasted and they were able to have a base on the track, they have shown their face. In fact, the first half has been of relative Bilbao dominance, winning the first round 17-21 and reaching the break with a favorable minimum 37-38. Jenkins, once again the top scorer from Bilbao, has been the most incisive player in attack, while the Bilbao players have been able to control the onslaught of a very dangerous Bamberg under the hoops, especially from Kravish.

Unfair sinking

Despite having more and more problems to contain the German game, the spectacularity of Aminu, or the actions of Zyskowski or Jenkins have held the men in black on the scoreboard. Moreover, a triple by Jaylon Brown – already with Betolaza retired – has put a 51-52 that has predicted battle by the Biscayan against the undefeated leaders of this group F.

But in reality, it was the song of the Bilbao swan. Sengfelder, Vitali and Ogbe have joined Kravish’s scoring party and Bilbao Basket has made the night. It took six minutes to score again and with 72-52 on the scoreboard, the victory has gone from being a feat to being an impossible one.

However, those of Mumbrú have shown a good attitude. They have to improve on defense – the absence of Balvin is noticeable, a Balvin for which rumors have spread of his departure to Olympiacos, although the Czech player himself has denied them – and 90 points conceded are always an excess, but they have continued to give the face up to the final 90-75.

We will have to recover troops and prepare for the ACB League –especially–, as well as for the important duel on the 27th at the Pinar Karsiyaka field if Bilbao Basket intends to walk a little more in this new European journey.


Alba Berlin: Kravish (15), Lockhart (10), Sengfelder (16), Hundt (11) y Grüttner Bacoul (3) –quinteto inicial–, Hall (5), Vitali (10), Fieler (6), Ogbe (12) y Thompson (2).

Bilbao Basket: Betolaza (3), Jenkins (16), Zyskowski (12), Miniotas (7) and Aminu (10) – starting five -, Jaylon Brown (9), Kulboka (5), Kljajic (7), Dos Anjos (1) , Huskic (3) and Reyes (2).

Partial: 17-21, 20-17, 28-14, 25-23.

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