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Antonio Casado

07:00 • 17 nov. 2020

The stormy effects of Bildu’s entry into the block to support the General State Budgets for 2021. Moncloa defends itself as best it can. Understand that without the incorporation of ERC Y Collect, cooked by the Vice President Iglesias Turrión, the Government will not be able to have a budgetary framework as an essential tool for the exercise of power in the name of progress, the modernization of the economy and the protection of the weakest.

But that’s not true. He could have opted for the Cs-PNV-PdeCat axis and the supplementary support of small parliamentary-based parties. The majority would not have been so loose, even if it would have required a persuasive work from the socialist part of the Government on the preferred partner, We can. The temptation to break the deck would have been more than unlikely in Iglesias Turrión’s game. And Sánchez would have saved the ethical reproach of those who, inside and outside the PSOE, do not understand that some “country” Budgets can lean on the intentions of those who deny the country.

Instead of asserting the dominant position of the PSOE in the governing coalition (123 deputies compared to 35, there is no color), Sánchez has allowed Iglesias to grow as a muñidor of the PGE21 and that in the political and media environments it is installed as a topical question who of the two is really the one in charge in Moncloa. It does not seem that the budget equation (PSOE- UP-ERC-PNV-Bildu), publicly defended with ardor by the vice president Calvo and the Minister Ávalos. With arguments of doubtful logic. For example, defending some PGE of the left and at the same time claiming the support of the right. To the point of considering “irresponsible” the attempt to knock them down at source (return amendment). It is equivalent to considering the socialist position irresponsible, which, with the changed roles, also presented an amendment to all of the PGE 18, when Budgets were also an essential lever to avoid instability and favor governance.

The last straw is to tarnish the position of the PP, the main opposition party, putting Bildu as an example of responsibility. Send eggs, what would I say Trillo. This is how the original sin of that formation has been talked about again. An unredeemed sin from the moment the Eta’s political heirs have never denied those who murdered in the name of the Basque homeland. That is the breed that has been installed in the “leadership of the State” and in the political heart of the PSOE. Which has provoked the cry of Slow and other socialist barons with memory of what happened during that black stage in our recent history.

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