by MARYCLAIRE DALE, The Associated Press

This picture provided by the Montgomery Prison shows Bill Cosby on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, after being sentenced to three to ten years for sexual assault. (Montgomery County Penitentiary via AP)

COLLEGEVILLE, PA (AP) – Bill Cosby was transferred to a unit of the general population when he was imprisoned for three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault in Pennsylvania.

Last week's relocation took place after the 81-year-old actor spent about four months in specialty apartments when he became accustomed to SCI-Phoenix in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Cosby, who is legally blind, now has a single cell in a two-story building in the newly built prison in Montgomery County. Other inmates are supposed to help him throughout the day, given his age and disability, said state inmate spokeswoman Amy Worden.

Inmates can spend several hours a day in the gym or practice area, and at other times in the library, classroom, lounge, or visit area. They have a sink and a toilet in their cells and are allowed to keep a TV or tablet there when they buy them.

Phoenix inmates wake up at 6am and return to their cells at 8:45am. The prison carries out seven head counts every day, Worden said.

A jury sentenced Cosby at his home in 2004 for drug abuse and sexual assault on his wife. He appeals to the conviction. His spokesman Andrew Wyatt did not respond immediately on Thursday with a call for comments.

High-ranking inmates – including rapper Meek Mill and former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky – are often placed in special shelters for their own safety, Worden said. Cosby was in a single cell near the infirmary with a private lounge.

Cosby, a native of Philadelphia, became famous in the 1960s as the first black actor to star in a prime-time television drama starring the hit series "I Spy." He became known as "America's Dad" for his portrayal of family man Cliff Huxtable in the high-profile "Cosby Show" from 1984 to 1992.

Dozens of women have been charged with sexual assault or misconduct over a period of fifty years, including five who testified in his re-trial last year. Cosby and his lawyers and agents have repeatedly described the encounters as consensual.