Bill Gates calls for Donald Trump’s return to Twitter despite his “corrosive” ideas

In these times in which the thoughts of opinion leaders matter so much, their dissemination on social networks and the role they play in transmitting information on sensitive topics is a debate on the agenda. A dilemma in which Bill Gates is clear: the suspension of accounts, such as that of Donald Trump, former US president, does not seem the appropriate solution.

In an interview with Fox News, the founder of Microsoft believes that the indefinite closure of Trump’s Twitter account (and others such as those of Facebook and Instagram) after the assault on the Capitol is not good news, despite the words and opinions expressed by the former president over the past four years they were “corrosive.”

For Gates, the idea of ​​permanently suspending an account is debatable, since in that way he believes that it is divided and contributes to the existence of a social network for each party.

For this reason, the philanthropist has advocated for creating an environment of “exchange of ideas and thoughts”, social networks that serve as a “common base”. Definitely, get to keep “the good parts” of social networks and prevent them from spreading “violence, the denial of the vaccine (against the coronavirus) or the Holocaust.”

Gates is committed to an understanding, a middle ground, a social agreement: “There has to be some way that between the government and well-intentioned actors, let’s draw the line to keep the debate open without the corrupt parties“.

Gates already defended days ago the need for Trump’s return to social networks: “He should be allowed to return”

It is not the first time that Gates defends the need for Donald Trump to recover his Twitter account, one of his main speakers to spread his political, social or economic ideas, as well as an epicenter of denunciations and attacks on the media, people and sectors that have opposed him during his tenure in the White House.

A few days ago, Gates bet on a interview in the CNBC for the return of Trump to social networks despite what this chain also described as “corrosive” opinions. “I think at some point he will probably be allowed back in and probably should be allowed back,” he said.

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