Billie Eilish: No Time to Die review – a wonderfully dark Bond theme | news

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There is no time to dieBillie Eilish’s extraordinarily optimistic song for the upcoming Bond movie of the same name doesn’t have the right to work so well. Ever since Byron Lee and the Dragonaires (remember them?) Have made their way through them Kingston Calypso up Dr No in 1962, artists who performed songs for 007 films can be divided into two fields. There are those whose delivery and tone are in line with the aesthetics of the series: slinky, glamorous, slightly sulky. They include Gladys Knight, Duran Duran, Nancy Sinatra, Adele, Sam Smith and of course Shirley Bassey. Then there’s the “What Were They Thinking?” Field, from the pasty blues rocker Jack White (who dueted with Bond’s best friend Alicia Keys) to the Soundgarden singer

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