Binotto sees a good evolution in the development of the new Ferrari engine

One of Ferrari’s big problems this season is in its engine, the Maranello team has not achieved a consistent development for this 2020 with its power unit and that is weighing on the performance of the car, although this is not the only problem of the car of this season.

But next year, and especially bearing in mind the 2022 rule change, the Italian team will put on track a new engine from which much is expected. Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto called the engine’s development “very promising.”

“We don’t currently have the best engine, but next year we are going to have a completely new one,” said Binotto. “At Ferrari we have invested a lot in engine development for 2021 and 2022. I think the feedback in terms of performance and reliability is very promising.”

“We have dynamometer constraints for 2021, so it is up to us to be efficient and creative in the way we approach testing. But I think that although we have limitations in our operations, there is room for improvement, so I am happy with the result, “added the Italian.

It is precisely as part of those efforts to give next year’s engine a considerable improvement that Binotto himself does not travel to the last big prizes of the season. Last weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix was the first time that the team boss was off track and he followed what was happening in Istanbul Park from the Maranello headquarters.

And what are the coincidences, or not. It turns out that when Binotto is not on the track Sebastian Vettel gets on the podium, so the German rider couldn’t help but make the joke after the race in Turkey: ‘Maybe they can leave Mattia at home more often? I’m kidding…”.

Turkey’s planned absence was made on the basis that the Italian team is completely focused on the 2021 car, this season little or nothing is being played. That is why Binotto will extend his absence to the next two races in Bahrain.

“In recent races, the car has proven to be more competitive than at the beginning of the season, which shows that we have followed the right direction in development,” the Italian told Sky Italia from the Maranello headquarters on Sunday. “We have focused on 2021, but these are encouraging signs. So I don’t regret not being on track. I have to be present in difficult times, so I decided not to go to Turkey because the car was already improving. These results are welcome, so I may not go to Bahrain either. “

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