Biomutant joins the celebration of Star Wars Day with its new trailer: May the Furrth

The May 4th It is a very special date for all Star Wars fans: under the slogan of May the 4th be With You, the whole world wears commemorative t-shirts and relives for the umpteenth time the excitement of the film saga. Some even dare to be a little more creative. For example, Experiment 101, the creators of Biomutant.

On the eve of the launch of what they call an open-world kung-fu RPG, the Swedes have launched May The Furrth, a very short trailer blatantly inspired by the well-known Space Opera. A parody? Rather, a curious tribute that comes on a very special day for fans of Star Wars.

In this way, Experiment 101 sweep home, and in the process, dress up a kitten in Jedi robes and replace the iconic lightsabers from the galactic saga with a more modest toilet brush. And although the rhythm evokes the most recent film trilogy more than the essence of the classics, it is still a detail.

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Biomutant, one of the key launches of the month of May

As expected, the Swedes do not stitch without thread and take advantage of this new advance as a tribute to remember that -after many delays- Biomutant arrives at the end of the month. Being one of the most promising games of May and all of 2021: its emphasis on action and its post-apocalyptic open world do not go unnoticed.

The premise of Biomutant takes us to a planet doomed to debacle. Our protagonist must acclimatize to all kinds of dangers by polishing his skills in a curious martial art known as wung-fu, arming himself to the teeth and using all kinds of mounts and vehicles.

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Enough to prevail as one of the games of the year? In exactly three weeks from today we will have it much clearer: Biomutant Will play from next May 25 on PS4, Xbox One and PC both physically and digitally.

By the way, a lot of attention to the figure of its collector’s edition. Quite a whim.


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