Gay Simon Jenkins, 33, and his partner, 21-year-old Ben Drover, strolled hand in hand through the Selly Oak railway station in the Birmingham area – and were attacked by a thirty-year-old woman with two children.
About this incident, which occurred last month, writes on Monday, June 17, the online edition of Birmingham Live.
The woman began to insult them, demanded that the children repeat these homophobic statements, and then removed the shoe and threw it at the victims, wishing these "disgusting types to burn in hell."
Gays tried to remove what was happening on a mobile phone, but the woman was indignant, knocked the device out of their hands and began to beat gay with a shoe, forcing the victims to flee.
“Some people think that homosexuality is normal, but I don’t think so,” the publication cites the words of the malefactor, who also promised to “throw them out on the street.”