Blizzard Ceases Development of StarCraft II | Page 3


It is possible that at the singleplayer level, yes, what SC1 (1998) or Diablo 1 (1996) marked with their cinematics, a spectacular lore for the time with brutal finishes and details, I think that few things have been repeated, but from there, to put it at the level of D3, where as soon as you started it was already known that it was going downhill and without brakes (hello auction house …) fuck male there is a hitch xd.

At the content level (perhaps I should have qualified that I was referring more to the multi) it is a spectacular game. With a love for the balance and a gameplay that has not achieved another RTS or joke. And yes, the history of HotS and LotV as much looser than WoL, but damn, there were still some cinematics of the ciborium expansion after expansion and a ton of new mechanics.

So yeah, a lot of dissent xd.


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