Blizzard Ceasing New StarCraft 2 Paid Content; Looking instead to the future of StarCraft

Blizzard has announced that paid content for StarCraft 2 will come to an end. This includes paid co-op commanders, war chests containing skins and other cosmetic content, announcers, and larger DLCs like Nova Ops.

According to the publication written by Blizzard Vice President Rob Bridenbecker, StarCraft 2 will now be compatible like other “long-standing games” such as StarCraft: Brood War. In the case of StarCraft II, although there will be no paid DLC, the developers will continue to monitor the balance and errors and make changes if necessary.

While the news is likely disappointing for current players, StarCraft II is now over ten years old, if you can believe it. At some point, development would have to end and ten years of service is a hot streak.

That being said, StarCraft 2 esports is still set to ESL for the next three years with total payouts still reaching $ 2 million per year.

In other words, StarCraft 2 isn’t going anywhere or being left alone, but fans better moderate their expectations when it comes to great new content that will be added back to the decade-long game.

What’s particularly interesting about Bridenbecker’s note is that the future of StarCraft beyond StarCraft 2 is mentioned – something fans haven’t really heard of – well, hardly ever.

This is how Bridenbecker signed:

We know that some of our players have been looking forward to some of the things that we are moving away from, but the good news is that this change will allow us to think about what comes next, not only regarding StarCraft II, but also The StarCraft universe. as a whole.

StarCraft is central to Blizzard, and we’ve learned that it’s a game that can change the lives of the people who make it, whether it’s as a player, content creator, streamer, or community member (or developer). The result of each match is in your hands 100%. To improve, you must look inward, be honest about any flaws, and dedicate yourself to improving. StarCraft teaches us that that improvement process can be a reward in itself, and it has certainly taught us a lot at Blizzard over the years.

You are one of the most passionate, creative and dedicated communities in all games. We are forever grateful for your continued support, and will keep you posted on each and every plan we have for future trips to the Koprulu sector.

Uhn dara ma’nakai,

Rob Bridenbecker

With Blizzard currently working on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, it’s probably wise to keep enthusiasm for a “StarCraft 3” very under control for the foreseeable future.

That said, it’s encouraging to see the future of StarCraft brought up considering it’s a topic that Blizzard has generally avoided and has led many fans to feel that the classic RTS franchise has no life beyond StarCraft 2.

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