Blizzard finds himself living in the past

They say that everything in the past was better and in times of pandemic it shows. In previous years talk about Blizzard It was synonymous with many positive things and the Californian studio has appealed to that past to stay a bit relevant, while the future of its franchises is uncertain.

A Blizzcon of memories

The Blizzcon 2021 brought quite a lot of news, as usual. But he also brought that mantra so characteristic of Blizzard “when you are ready”. We had previews of Diablo IV, World of Warcraft Shadowlands Y Hearthstone, the latter with the possibility of new content this year.

From then on, everything was information about remasters, resurrections, vanillas or whatever name you want to put them. In other words, the content that we can have from the studio in the short term, if not the medium term, is represented by games that were successful at the time.

Repeated formula

The Burning Crusade, Diablo II, Hearthstone, Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing The Blackthorne. you are reading well, we have not gone back in time. These were some of the big names that Blizzard presented during your event and that become the content that you will offer to your players soon.

Just as it happened with WoW Classic Y Warcraft III Reforged, have decided to continue this path by “renewing” their MMO with the expansion The Burning Crusade, lead us to relive Diablo II with Resurrected, the vanilla version of Hearthstone and a collection of classics containing the studio’s first games. Blizzard He is holding on to his past as he finds a way to bring us closer to the future.

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I personally don’t like this very much. At the time I played Diablo II until I’m tired and I don’t think I’ll come back Hearthstone I enjoy it seasonally and I really like its current mechanics than the past ones and as for WoW, it surprises me how bringing back an expansion from 15 years ago, just as it was at that time, is a reason for so much euphoria, I repeat myself It surprises me, although I know that many are excited.

A matter of timing

Blizzard has a lot of big names, but I think in recent years the timing has not been adequate and these types of games seek to distract while they concentrate on completing fresh content for their franchises, which will probably arrive by 2022 or 2023. The problem is that sometimes, as with Warcraft III, the formula does not work, and you have your fans angry and waiting for new content.

Diablo IV, Diablo Inmortal, Overwatch 2 are what’s in the pipeline, meanwhile Warcraft, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch Y Diablo 3 they have been orphaned. Only Wow Y Hearthstone they receive content on a regular basis.

The question of timing is that probably a lot of that content arrives at the same time, just a few months apart, stuffing new games of Blizzard as soon as possible, while the pattern of waiting many years is repeated later. I’m not familiar with project management within Blizzard, but I don’t think generating so much content based on remasters is the solution that many players expect.

How much time is missing?

The million dollar question regarding Blizzard always has to do with release dates and during Blizzcon 2021 something bothered me a lot. I always like to see the event for the cinematics, the videos that the studio makes are phenomenal. But this time they were all made with the engine of each game. Yes, the pandemic probably affected this and I think that this impact may harm, or is harming, current developments.

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I don’t know to what extent Activision can intervene in terms of management of these projects, come on, they are organized in such a way that they Call of Duty every year. I’m not comparing the franchises, but it would be great if Blizzard had a full content delivery cadence at least every year or year and a half.

I must admit that so much remastering and being able to play the original versions of some of their games is not my main interest. I know what Blizzard You can do it, your new content is always excited and it would be great to get to know that new material on a regular basis, without those long waiting times. His past has been bright and I hope his future is too.

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