Blizzard Has Temporarily Disabled Azerite Vendors To Fix Issue with Low ilvl Rewards

With Patch 9.0.2, players have reported several problems with Azerite Vendors–the vendor is missing for some players, or awarding low ilvl loot for others.

Edit: Blizzard has replied stating they have temporarily disabled azerite vendors to fix the low ilvl loot issue.

Missing Azerite Vendor

Players noticed that upon logging in, the Azerite Vendor Taumaturgo Vashreen is missing! Not great for players looking to spend their Residuo titánico on Azerite Armor to sell for gold.

Wrong ilvl Loot

Players in Wowhead comments and the Technical Support forums have noticed that the ilvl of their Azerite gear is incorrect.

just now all azerite vendor gives is less then ilvl 100 with no azerite choices…

Is it intended to give ilvl gear way lower than it used to?

ie purchasing a 115ilvl Azerite piece from Thaumaturge Vashreen turns into a 59ilvl blue… at least on Illidan.

same for me, i bought a m10 azerite helm and it turned into a lvl 59 item, it should’nt be happening cause it was not mentionned in today patch notes

It’s possible that when Blizzard noticed that the vendor sold the wrong ilvl gear, they despawned the NPC to fix the issue.


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