Blizzard is increasingly into eSports

That Activision is increasingly involved in the world of esports is no secret. Blizzard dared first by taking out the MOBA Heroes of the Storm, which is not that it has gone smoothly either. Hearthstone has also ended up becoming a very interesting game for competition, but it is clear that the one that will put the finishing touch to the entrance of the American company in the increasingly widespread world of eSports is going to be Overwatch. The Shooter-MOBA has aroused the interest of many players, and many of us already walk with long teeth. Especially those who have not received access to the beta đŸ˜€

But I’m not here today to talk about how disgusted I feel about running out of Overwatch until I pay the price for it. I am here for my main mission, which is to talk about eSports. What I like and you support for me, because if you get a foolish son, you have to love him. Sorry. So far, it turns out that Activision has taken an interesting and important step on the international scene and bought Major League Gaming. Until now, MLG has been a professional organization that has been entirely dedicated to esports since 2002, when it was founded, making it the largest competition in the industry. Since then it has led tournaments of Starcraft II, Mortal Kombat, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros or Call of Duty among others.

$ 46 million – a tip for them – Activision Blizzard has allowed itself to acquire MLG and, incidentally, “join” it to the IGN Pro League. Of course, it has become quite clear the interest that, more and more, the company has in all this of electronic sports. But, what good is this acquisition, or how does it affect us? Well first of all it has cost them to confirm the news, and it was the eSport Observer that informed us of this a few days ago. What did begin to be suspicious before any information was that already in October Blizzard formed a division of the company dedicated exclusively to eSports. Ah, sorry. That’s not suspicious. The suspicious thing is that the head of this division is Mike Sepso, founder of Major League Gaming.

Going back to the important thing: How does this affect the industry? What about gamers, professional or casual? In theory, be careful, in theory, the activity of the MLG should remain the same, without any major changes. The changes, in reality, would occur in Blizzard, which would become more important in the world. Which would be very good for Heroes of the Storm, which needs one more push to be able to match its rivals. But this is not the only remarkable thing, since MLG owns an online television channel which is the main attraction – at least, the one that has attracted Blizzard – of all this. This channel is run by Sundance DiGiovanni, the other founder of the league, who now also happens to work for Activision.

I don’t know about you, but it gives me the feeling that Blizzard is paving the way to his right eye, Overwatch. Will they stop here? Will they get their claws on Valve? Or Riot? It makes me shiver just thinking about it. And I like it.

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