Blizzard leaked 2 highlights of BlizzCon 2021 30 hours before kick-off

Activision Blizzard is about to kick off BlizzCon 2021, but two World of Warcraft highlights are already known due to a technical error. Blizzard herself posted two “blue posts” and screenshots due to a bug. They already reveal the most important innovations in WoW and WoW Classic.

This Blizzard bug is causing hit times right now: More than 30 hours before the start of BlizzCon 2021 on Friday, February 19, information has been released that apparently was planned as a big reveal for World of Warcraft:

  • The first major content patch for “WoW: Shadowlands” is known: the development of the story around Anduin Wrynn in 9.1 is known.
  • WoW Classic will get “Burning Crusade Classic” – This is the first expansion for WoW Classic, the game was the surprise hit in August 2019

Blizzard dates its own press kit 9 ​​years earlier

How do these leaks occur? Blizzard has leaked its own press kits for WoW and WoW Classic. On the official open access page, where journalists can usually download images for WoW, you could suddenly see the new World of Warcraft images, which apparently Blizzard had prepared for BlizzCon 2021.

However, the photographs were dated June 7, 2012, nine years earlier. Because this date has passed, the images could already be seen publicly.

Then fans and fan sites immediately jumped to the images and reports. The news spread immediately on the network.

The entries have now disappeared from the site. But the information is now freely available and online – official blue posts and numerous screenshots are circulating.

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At this point, you will find external Reddit content that complements the article.

Displaying Reddit content I consent to external content being displayed to me. Personal data can be transmitted to third party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy. Link to Reddit content Images were at 7.6. Dated 2012, for whatever reason.

This will affect BlizzCon: The effects are pretty serious, after all, two BlizzCon highlights have already been anticipated for more than 30 hours.

A major reason to watch BlizzCon has at least been for WoW fans.

The 5 Most Exciting Rumors About BlizzCon And How Likely They Are

The surprising thing is that this time the leak comes from Blizzard itself and so early. Typically, such leaks are caused by errors by journalists or individual local Blizzard branches misdating social media posts, for example.

Most of the time, these leaks only happen a few hours before the event and not long before.

“Black Day for Blizzard”

So are the reactions: The news is already being vigorously discussed on the well-known WoW pages:

  • Overall, one is glad that WoW Classic continues
  • Fans are already discussing the details of how exactly TBC will be implemented in Classic.
  • Many are demanding that new information about Diablo arrive immediately.
  • some compassionate note: today is a black day for Blizzard

You can read a report on what’s happening in WoW Classic and how Blizzard wants to relive the World of Warcraft wedding here on DLPrivateServer:

WoW Classic Filters First Expansion “Burning Crusade Classic”

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