Blizzard plans to add passive benefits based on roles in Overwatch 2

Although more was expected from the demonstration of Overwatch 2 in the recent BlizzCon, the video game of Blizzard continues to be one of the most anticipated for the future. Since its predecessor has been a benchmark in the multiplayer scene since its launch five years ago, amassing millions of players with an addictive and effective proposal, the expectations for the second installment are not less, although there are doubts about how many changes may be to justify the creation of a new video game.

These unknowns, it should be clarified, have tried to be dispelled by the study on multiple occasions, including the recent unveiling of one of the possible inclusions of the work: passive extras according to roles. In this sense, as the medium synthesizes PC Gamer, the company is considering adding additional benefits to heroes according to their role in combat, which would result in tanks with recoil reduction, assassins with more speed and supports with automatic healing, to mention the examples shared by Blizzard.

This, while appearing to be a minor consideration, could significantly change how the metagame unfolds. Overwatch 2 in relation to Overwatch original, especially considering that multiplayer has a tendency to undergo large changes due to small variations. However, for the moment, the title continues without a release date, so we do not know when we will have the opportunity to enjoy these innovations.

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