Blizzard polar bear plays with snow at US zoo

A polar oso He lived the best day of his life when a snowfall fell in Washington, United States. The bear named Blizzard It was recorded playing and gliding on the snow at the Point Defiance Zoo – where he lives – by the caretakers, who posted the video on their social networks and it immediately went viral.

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The recording of White Bear received more than 230 thousand reactions on Facebook and approximately 7 thousand comments from users: “It really feels like home. It reminds me of a dog rolling in the grass, ”wrote one.

As they saw the mammal having such a good time, there were those who suggested to the zoo that it organize a fundraiser so that with the donations they can buy a snow machine for him. The bodies of the polar bears They are adapted to withstand low temperatures, that is why the animal looks very happy enjoying and rolling through the snowfall.

Who is Blizzard

It is a 25-year-old polar bear, considered lucky to have reached that age, since in general the life expectancy of this species – under human care – is 23 years. He is 3 meters tall, has the ability to run 25 miles per hour, is very playful and loves to swim in the pool.

Blizzard was taken in at the zoo since he was a cub, after being rescued when he had no chance of surviving in the wild since he was orphaned in Churchill, a city in Canada that is known for harboring a high concentration of white bears During autumn.

At Point Defiance he receives an annual check-up by a team of veterinarians who are experts in animal care for this species. Cindy Roberts has been her caregiver since she got there.

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Blizzard is participating in scientific research to better understand the growth of polar bears, and in turn, help protect their species, who face an uncertain future due to the climate crisis, such as the melting of sea ice.

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What other animals are in the zoo

The managers of the establishment also care for and protect a diversity of animals such as red wolves, beavers, walruses, arctic foxes, seals, sea lions, sea otters, oxen, Asian elephants, leopards, tigers and even a Canadian lynx named Jasper.


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