Blizzard presents the Rogue class (The Renegade or Rogue) and its gameplay in Diablo IV

Some call it murder. She calls it a job well done … Direct from the BlizzConline we got the last trailer of Diablo IV in which they introduce us to the class Rogue, titled in Spanish as “The Renegade” The “Sassy Girl”, the latest addition to the highly anticipated action role-playing video game Blizzard.

For him gameplay of The Renegade shown in the ad, we can see that this class relies on a combination of long-range and melee attacks with incredible speed and mobility to expertly exterminate the hordes of the damned.

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The Sassy Girl of Diablo 4 He is capable of defeating any enemy using his imbued weapons, executing heavy combo attacks, and repowering his arsenal with lethal poisons and shadow magic to annihilate demons with impunity.

You can find more information about this video game in the Diablo IV official page from Blizzard.

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