Blizzard readies the Hearthstone balance patch as the meta fires

With the latest Forged in the Barrens expansion wreaking havoc in the world of Hearthstone, it’s no surprise to see Blizzard trying to fix the issues. We know that a review has already been implemented. However, with the game’s meta now under even more scrutiny, a balance patch for Hearthstone is already in the works. This comes after players figured out the best way to dominate with the Paladin decks and the No Minion Mage deck.

Lead Designer Alec Dawson brought to . to announce the next change. Hearthstone’s new balance patch will arrive early next week with update 20.0.2. More specifically, cards in the Mage, Paladin, Rogue, and Neutral decks will be the target.

The balance patch will only be part of Blizzard’s efforts to create more opportunities for experimentation. The team also hopes to make more classes viable in the metagame. There will be six changes in total, although it remains to be seen what will be affected. We can expect more details in the next few days.

Shuffling madness

If you are not aware of what has been happening in the meta, here is the general summary. The Mad Wizard spell deck can transform all the spells in your deck into others that cost 3 more mana. More importantly, they keep their original costs.

If you are running a mage deck without minions, you are completely reliant on spells. Getting to play Deck of Lunacy early can easily knock your opponent down early on. Imagine some of the most powerful cards at your disposal, but with drastically reduced mana costs. With the right luck, you can play them early and crush your opponents.

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Rotating new cards with Forged in the Barrens provided one more foundation for the No Minion Mage deck to function. However, like most good and crazy things, it will soon come to an end with the next balance patch for Hearthstone.

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