Blizzard Responds to Comments on New Hearthstone Rewards Track

During the last days, the Hearthstone The community has shared their thoughts on the game’s new reward track. The comments have been so overwhelmingly negative that Blizzard has issued a response.

When the new Hearthstone The development team scoffed at the rewards track, Blizzard assured players that they would not earn less gold for the time spent. But after players like Jesse Alexander, Octavian “Kripp” Morosan, and more pointed out that this was not the case, Blizzard decided to respond.

In a blue post from Hearthstone Game director Ben Lee Blizzard apologized for what it called “confusion and disappointment.” Lee said that during the natural progression of the rewards cycle, the team’s intent is “to grant extra XP over time through a variety of ways.” This, according to Lee, is intended to help players get over the overall reward track and help players catch up if they join later in the expansion.

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Lee said some of the confusion stems from the fact that Blizzard did not provide any details on how seasonal events will affect the rewards cycle. The developers believe that the XP bonus awarded during seasonal events should make players earn more rewards than in the previous system. Lee claims that the lack of this knowledge is what led to the “incomplete projections” that players have drawn up in recent days.

However, the team agrees with a point that was made about the package rewards at the end of the new track. Many players felt that six packs at the end of the track were not worth the effort it took to get there. The team agrees, according to Lee, and will update the track so that these six packs are now 1,350 gold that you can spend on whatever you want, including packs.

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“Our goal for the rewards program continues to be that everyone Hearthstone players earn more gold and total rewards for expansion, ”said Lee. “We will continue to assess the impact of these changes, listen to your feedback, and iterate as necessary until we get it right.”


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