Blizzard reveals new Rome and New York maps for Overwatch 2

Despite his absence from the opening ceremony, Overwatch fans were able to discover some of the new content prepared for its upcoming sequel, including two new competitive maps.

Published on February 20th, 2021

Overwatch 2 could have been delayed, but this did not stop Blizzard Entertainment from unveiling new details for this new installment, including two never-before-seen competitive maps: Rome and New York City.

That’s right, despite not having shone during the BlizzConline opening ceremony, Overwatch fans got a glimpse of what’s to come for the sequel, and the highlight for many is the new maps they’ll be able to experience once it’s game available.

Overwatch 2: New York Map

overwatch nueva york
(Imagen: Blizzard Entertainment)

Drawing inspiration from iconic buildings in the Big Apple and blending them with Overwatch’s unique art style, the developers believe this interpretation of New York will feel like a familiar place, but at the same time, it will fit perfectly into the Overwatch universe.

overwatch nueva york
(Imagen: Blizzard Entertainment)

“There are some smaller stores, a fire station, a small pizza place, people who are familiar with New York City will recognize or maybe see the references that we are trying to make in this,” said Aaron Keller, associate director of the game.

Overwatch 2: Map of Rome

roma overwatch 2
(Imagen: Blizzard Entertainment)

If your dream has been to climb the Roman Colosseum, now you can make it come true, as Blizzard announced that Rome will also debut in Overwatch 2.

True to Overwatch style, the classic architecture of Rome will meet the futuristic tone of the game, combining the two seamlessly, highlighting great details such as the completely restored Colosseum.

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“It’s one of the most beautiful works of environmental art we’ve created for the entire game,” added Keller.

roma and overwatch
(Imagen: Blizzard Entertainment)

You can check out the full Behind the Scenes featuring both maps in the YouTube video below.


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