Blizzard to halt development of StarCraft 2

By Primejuegos, Friday October 16, 2020 17:33 GMT

Blizzard will stop developing content for StarCraft 2, the company announced.

While new content will no longer be produced for StarCraft 2, Blizzard will continue to support the game in the same way as with previous games.

The team will change to focus primarily on what “matters most to core and competitive communities” (thanks MassivelyOP).

“What this means is that we will not be producing additional content for purchase, such as Commanders and War Chests, but we will continue to make necessary seasonal rolls and balancing arrangements in the future,” says the open letter to the community.

“On that last note, we are not planning a fourth quarter balance update since we did one a few months ago, but as always, we plan to continue to do so as needed in the future. StarCraft 2 esports, which are part of the highest echelon of professional competitive gaming, will also continue to be strong, as it has been through our partners ESL Gaming and GSL. “

Bizzard said that ceasing development on the 10-year title will free him up to think about what’s next regarding the StarCraft universe as a whole.

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