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StarCraft is unique, and we are committed to ensuring fans that this universe will be their home for many years to come. That said, we want to update you on a change in the development of StarCraft II as we continue to work to support this game in the long term.

As many of you know, Blizzard continues to update its games long after the initial launch; some of you will remember that we actively implement patches in the StarCraft original more than 10 years after its first appearance in stores. This year we celebrate 10 years of StarCraft II featuring one of the biggest patches to date, containing tons of updates for the editor, prestigious talents for co-op commanders, and gameplay improvements for players around the world.

We will continue to care StarCraft II just like we have done with our previous games, like Brood War, and we’ll focus on the things that matter to our core, competitive community. This means that we will no longer produce additional content that can be purchased, such as Commanders and War Chest, but we will continue to create seasons and apply balance adjustments as necessary. Regarding this last point, we do not have an update planned for the fourth quarter since we already implemented one a couple of months ago, but, as always, it will be something that we contemplate whenever they are necessary. The sports of StarCraft II, who enjoy an elite position in the world of professional competitive video games, will continue in the fray through our partners ESL Gaming and GSL.

We are aware that some players want things that we are now putting aside, but the positive side is that this change will allow us to think about the next step: not only for StarCraft IIbut for the entire universe of StarCraft.

StarCraft It is very important to Blizzard, and we have seen that it is a game capable of changing the lives of the people who are dedicated to it, whether they are players, content creators, broadcasters, community members or developers. The result of each game is 100% in your hands. To move forward, you must reflect, be honest about your weaknesses and get involved with personal improvement. StarCraft He has taught us that this improvement process is rewarding in itself, and the truth is that we at Blizzard have learned a lot over the years.

You are one of the most passionate, creative and dedicated communities in all of video games. We are eternally grateful for your constant support and we will keep you informed about each and every one of our plans for future trips to the Koprulu sector.

Uhn dara ma’nakai,

Rob Bridenbecker

Official Site | StarCraft 2

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