Blizzard will be giving a set of 2 hero skins to fans who watch Overwatch Contenders every month. – Latest News

Blizzard it offering Supervision fans watching content from Contenders, a new Genji skin starting today. The green and white Contenders Genji skin is accompanied by a special player icon and in-game spray.

Supervision Contenders is a series of high-level tournaments for aspiring professional players who dream of rising to the Supervision League. There are six Contenders regions in total. China, Europe, Korea, North America, and South America still have Contenders matches to be played in 2020.

How much more Supervision Live content from contestants you enjoy on official websitethe more Contenders skins you can collect. Fans will be rewarded with a set of skins for two different heroes each month during the Contenders season. Symmetra and Mercy are the featured hero skins for October.

You must log into your account on the Contenders home page and watch a certain number of hours of live content. Here are the required hours for October:

  • You will automatically receive a set of Symmetra skins from Contenders at home and away to your account after enjoying seven hours of live content from Contenders.
  • When you arrive at 3 PM, you will automatically receive a set of Mercy de Contenders skins at home and away.

Your hours will reset at the end of the month. Special moments in Supervision Contestants can also submit event-specific incentives.

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