Blizzard will no longer add new content to StarCraft II

Last July one of the most loved games in the real-time strategy genre celebrated its tenth anniversary, StarCraft II.

The title that Blizzard has been polishing from its departure to perfecting its competitive multiplayer, unfortunately it looks like it will go on hiatus.

This has been announced Blizzard in an official statement where they comment, among other things, that no new content will be made for the sequel to this beloved classic.

However this does not mean that they will forget about the game completely, because they have also said that from now on the only thing that will be done is to publish new updates to correct aspects of the gameplay, balance some details or also make changes as the new seasons arrive, but unfortunately we will not see new content again.

Rob Bridenbecker, Executive Producer and Vice President of Blizzard, has commented that This decision will allow the team to think about what they will do next, not only with respect to StarCraft II, but also with the entire StarCraft universe.

For our part We can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever get to see a third of it. Who knows, hope dies last.

The last update that StarCraft II received from Blizzard was a few months ago, however throughout the last decade the content of the game has been expanded with expansions, downloadable content and various game modes that have encouraged veterans and newbies of everyone to enter the battlefields with the terrible Terran, the ravenous Zerg and the ferocious Protoss.


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