Blizzard won’t produce more content for ‘StarCraft 2’ is this the end of a big one?

In the video game industry, there are titles considered ‘sacred cows’ due to their importance and significance as part of the history of electronic entertainment. And when something happens with these great titles the whole community trembles.

This is the case of ‘StarCraft 2‘, one of the flagship titles of the American company Blizzard and the recent announcement about his future that has shaken the foundations of an international community made up of hundreds of thousands of followers.

What happened? It turns out that a recent ad Robert Bridenbecker, Executive Producer and Vice President of Classic Games at Blizzard Entertainment, has baffled thousands of ‘StarCraft 2’ fans. A kind of letter addressed to fans of the franchise that has left more questions than answers and motivated the specialized media to speculate about the future of this space opera.

StarCraft 2

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Basically Bridenbecker announced in his text that due to a “development change”, the filmmakers at Blizzard “We are not producing additional content for purchase, such as ‘Commanders’ and ‘War Chests’, but we will continue to make seasonal rolls and necessary balance fixes in the future.”

It was enough to read those lines for the specialized media and the ‘StarCraft 2’ community to explode, as this game, which is just 10 years old since its official launch in 2010, had been keeping with the new content that they just canceled.


The truth is that Blizzard is not going through its best moments, being the protagonist of a series of unfortunate events such as complaints of dismissals, resignation of creatives, internal labor strikes of the unions and decisions regarding its most emblematic video games that generated the disappointment of its faithful community (insert ‘Immortal Devil’ and his sorry announcement at Blizzcon 2018 here).

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All these facts suggest that the recent announcements about ‘StarCraft 2’ signify the beginning of the end of the successful franchise, generating uncertainty in the community as well as the lament of the thousands of gamers who were waiting for this new content for their favorite game.


However, Bridenbecker’s announcement is much longer than the lines that apparently everyone has stuck with and although it was clear that the new content for purchase will no longer be produced, the game servers and support remain. In other words, the game will continue as it is so far, updated with improvement patches and keeping its community competitive.

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This could also be a company strategy with a view to preparing something new in the future, as mentioned by the manager himself: “But the good news is that this change will allow us to think about what’s next, not just with StarCraft II, but with the StarCraft universe as a whole.”

StarCraft II

StarCraft II

In addition, the followers of this franchise since it appeared, we are used to long waits, because ‘StarCraft’ was released in 1998 and twelve years later the sequel ‘StarCraft 2’ arrived. And because as they say “there is no second without third”, let’s hope that there is even the idea of ​​a ‘StarCraft 3’ but that it does not take us another twelve years of waiting to return to the Koprulu sector.

Uhn dara ma’nakai.

StarCraft II

StarCraft II


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