Blizzard working to fix the Draenei character helm cutout – Horseman’s Horrific Hood and others – Breaking News

Yesterday we reported that several helmets, including the Helm of the Riders, now hide Draenei’s horns. This has been confirmed as a bug and Blizzard is now actively working to correct it!

Hello everyone! There was a bug in 9.0.2 that caused some helmets to hide character elements such as Draenei’s horns. We are working to fix the error as quickly as possible.

This issue was highlighted in a Reddit post that noted the change to The Horseman’s hideous hood on Draenei, but we’ve confirmed that the horns and ears are still visible with this helmet on other races like Blood Elves and Tauren. While many players on the Reddit thread were concerned that all helmets would be affected across all races, this does not appear to be the case.

Looking at female Draenei using the in-game appearance tab and Wowhead’s Costume, we can see that most helms still allow horns to be displayed, but some do not, such as Onslaught Greathelm, Mask of Penance, Helm of Wrath, and Colossal Dragonplate Helmet. Below are some screenshots from the in-game appearance tab showing how Draenei’s horns still cut through most helmets in 9.0.2, including the cumbersome hats.


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