Blizzard wraps up content development on StarCraft 2

When it comes to real time strategy games, many will argue that StarCraft is the king of the future. That didn’t stop Blizzard from trying to outdo it with StarCraft 2 years later. It’s a good follow-up, satisfies fans, and is one of the hardest RTS games of all time.

Originally released in 2010, StarCraft 2 expanded with DLC over the years. The expansion DLC includes a Zerg campaign and a Protoss campaign to complement the original Terran campaign. They also introduced a series of equilibrium measures and new units. After the major DLCs and balance patches, the game relied heavily on minor features introduced through a mechanic called War Chests. But it seems that they will no longer be introduced regularly.

While it has technically been getting new content for five years, it has been on a much smaller scale than the DLC. War chests can be purchased, constantly unlocking groups of cosmetic content, similar to a battle pass in other games. Additionally, new commanders were occasionally available for individual purchase. These will now be permanently archived as StarCraft 2 development is halted. Blizzard has stated that no new content that can be purchased for the game will be released at this time. There is a possibility this is linked to prominent Blizzard developers leaving the company last year, especially as the flow of new commanders stopped shortly after.

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Blizzard has stated that this does not mean that the game will no longer be supported. Future updates will include seasonal changes and balance changes. This will be done to keep the game competitive and healthy, but new content that can be purchased will no longer be created. The announcement follows in the footsteps of StarCraft 2’s 10th anniversary celebration, which showcased fan-created game modes and community maps. If players want to experience something really new in the game, fan-created content is now all they can look for.

This announcement may surprise veteran StarCraft 2 players. Like its predecessor, the game has developed a healthy competitive community, but as mentioned above, the game will apparently continue to receive support. More concerning is the fact that with most of the StarCraft 2 support ended, the future of the franchise is uncertain.

Compounding this uncertainty is the lack of recently announced StarCraft future plans. Blizzard is primarily working on Overwatch 2 and the Diablo franchise at the moment. With its other very successful franchises and a possible Overwatch 2 beta to focus on soon, chances are a new StarCraft won’t appear for a few years.

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