BlizzCon 2021 Online: where and when to see the event in Latin America

Attention Blizzard fans and its various games. It is no secret that 2020 was a year where many plans regarding events were truncated. Tournaments and even conventions like E3 in Los Angeles they had to be suspended in the wake of the pandemic. Blizzard was no stranger to that situation, and that is why in September it decided to postpone its BlizzCon until February … and finally the day is yet to come.

The Blizzard Entertainment team saw fit to allay the fears of their most passionate fans. This is how they confirmed that their word is law and BlizzCon 2021 (because there was no 2020 edition) will take place this Friday, February 19 and Saturday, February 20, entirely online.

When and where to see BlizzCon 2021 online in Latin America

Blizzard Entertainment invited all its fans to connect, virtually, on “BlizzConline” this February 19 and 20. BlizzConline is a celebration of the community and a showcase of Blizzard games and universes fully online. It is an opportunity to meet in the virtual world while current circumstances prevent us in the real world. We’ll celebrate the funniest milestones and most epic achievements from the Blizzard community, as well as sharing the latest on Blizzard games.

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You can see the whole show of free form through the BlizzCon site, where there will be six channels broadcasting content from your favorite games. There will also be the possibility of watching the show from various streaming platforms, such as Twitch and the channel Blizzard YouTube for Latin America.

On those two days, there will be a variety of events and pre-produced segments to bring the spirit of BlizzCon into your home. Blizzard games and universes will be discussed in depth with their developers, there will be game competitions featuring esports professionals, and much more.

Day 1: It will begin at 2:00 pm PST on Friday, February 19 with an opening segment that will include a presentation of the latest content developers have been working on. For the next three hours, any of the six theme channels can be tuned in, so decide whether you want to enjoy a medley of all the games or focus on the ones that interest you most.

The schedule for the countries of our region it is then as follows:

Mexico: 04:00 p. m.

Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama: 05:00 p. m.

Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Chile: 06:00 p. m.

Argentina and Uruguay: 07:00 p. m.

Day 2: It will begin at 12:00 pm PST on Saturday, February 20, and will also air on various channels until the close of the event, which will be later that day. Throughout the second day, the focus of the event will shift to the global Blizzard community and the winners and highlights of the Community Showcase contests and exhibits will be announced, among other things.

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The schedule for our region for this second day will be as follows:

Mexico: 02:00 p. m.

Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama: 03:00 p. m.

Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Chile: 04:00 p. m.

Argentina and Uruguay: 05:00 p. m.

There will be selected content from BlizzConline in 12 languages ​​to be enjoyed in live streams or on-demand videos. You will find it in English with subtitles in European Spanish, French, German, Russian, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

The schedule of activities will be known at a later date, you cannot miss it.

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