BlizzConline Celebration Collection Refund

Updated: 2 weeks ago

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We will refund the BlizzConline Celebration Collection as long as:

  • WoW playtime included in the epic level of the collection has not been used

We will refund unredeemed gift purchases within the first 14 days, at the buyer’s request. Gifts already redeemed will not be refunded.

How to request a refund

For eligible products or items from the celebration collection, request an automatic refund using our support page and selecting BlizzCon.

We will attempt to refund eligible purchases to the payment method originally used for the transaction. In some cases, such as those where the payment method does not support returns, we will issue the refund in the form of Blizzard balance.

If the automatic service does not meet your needs, our support team can help you following current return policies.

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