Blood covered the ground outside a home where a mother in her thirties was left to fight for her life after she was attacked in a horrible threefold stabbing for her children – who also saw their father succumb. The woman is now in a stable condition in the hospital after the brutal attack on Church Road in Leyton, East London. According to eyewitnesses, the attack for the children of the woman happened, while one of the two male victims was the father of the children. Both men who failed the attack did not suffer serious injuries.

Outside the house a blood trail was visible where a mother and father were attacked in a triple stitch for their children. Neighbors expressed their fear of today's attack, which came only an hour after a man was stabbed just three miles away. Greg Dash said: "I just came in to startle my neighbor – he just saw that a family was being raised in Leyton. Mother and father for their child. Terrible. The police were there in minutes. & # 39; There was a huge police and ambulance presence on the scene after Saturday afternoon's attack. One woman said: "We have lived here for three years and that is the first time it happens." And I can not believe it was just outside our home. Fortunately, we were not there. I would really be interested to hear what happened. & # 39; While a neighbor said: "We saw the blue lights outside and we were not allowed to pass. This was around 15.20. & # 39; We have not heard anything. We are surprised – it is a reasonably peaceful kind of area.

Buren reacted with shocks to news about the attack that the mother fights for her life and the two men with a bib. I assume you see it a lot in the news, so you're closed up a bit. It is very terrible to happen. He added that others on the street believed that the incident had originated in one of their neighbor's homes. He said: & # 39; We have heard that something has happened in one of the houses and it has come on the street. We assumed that the bloodway entered the house, but it could be the other way around – with the person leaving the house and coming up the street. & # 39; A worried son who answered the door on another property said his elderly mother heard the police sirens yesterday afternoon. He said: "I am really shocked – my mother lives here alone. She thinks it happened in the house across from the bus stop. & # 39;

The mother is now in a stable condition, while the two men have not suffered serious injuries in the attack. A mother living with her adult children near the property where blood spatters seem to be leading said: "We have heard the sirens from the police, maybe ambulances or something and a helicopter sound. & # 39; We saw flashes and four or five ambulances. Many police cars & a police van. We saw traffic being stopped. It was very frightening. It is believed that a family living in the property with blood stains outside is the victim of the knife attack. A neighbor woman declined to comment, but said: & # 39; It is a whole family that lives there. I was not here, I came home and there was police. & # 39; They had closed the road. & # 39; There was no answer to the property, number 279, but election roles showed that a Romanian family was registered there from 2017. No arrests have been made and investigations are being continued.

Police officers surrounded the scene in Leyton, where a woman was stabbed and two men were smashed. The attacker stays free and the police call on witnesses to come forward. A spokesperson for Met Police said: "The police were called to Church Road, E10 at 3 pm: 37 hours on Saturday, January 5 following reports from an injured man. Officers and the London ambulance service attended a woman with injuries and two men with slash wounds. & # 39; They were taken to a hospital in East London for treatment. The woman in her thirties is in a critical condition. The injuries of both men are not life threatening or change. & # 39; No arrests have been made. There is a crime scene in place. The police in Waltham Forest will continue to act. Questions continue. & # 39;

Bloodshed: the stabbings of today happened within three hours of each other just three miles apart

The London air ambulance hurried a 26-year-old stabbing victim to the hospital after an attack in Forest Gate. Online posted videos showed at least three police cars blocking the street while concerned neighbors gathered around the crime scene. The threefold stabbing came just an hour after a 26-year-old man was seriously injured after a stabbing at Forest Gate, Newham, just three miles away. Officers arrested a man on suspicion of GBH and he is currently in custody.

Lee Pomeroy, 51, was stabbed several times after a quarrel aboard a Guildford to London Waterloo train yesterday at about 1:00 PM. The married father of one, was on his way to London with his 14-year-old son for a day out when the fatal incident occurred. On Friday, a 51-year-old father was stabbed to death for his son in a train to London from Guildford. Lee Pomeroy and his 14-year-old son were on their way to the capital for a day out when the fatal incident happened. Today would have been his birthday. A 35-year-old man was arrested at an address in the Farnham area on suspicion of his murder. & # 39; Beautiful & # 39; mother Charlotte Huggins became the first deadly murder of knife crimes in 2019 on New Year's Day when she was discovered with stab wounds at a home location in South London in the new year.