BMW drops sales by 8.4% worldwide in 2020 due to the pandemic

This content was published on 12 January 2021 – 11:02

Frankfurt (Germany), Jan 12 (EFE) .- The German car group BMW sold 2,324,809 vehicles worldwide last year of the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, which is 8.4% less than in 2019, due to the drop in sales due to the coronavirus pandemic in all regions except China.

BMW reported on Tuesday that its main brand BMW delivered 2,028,659 vehicles last year (-7.2%) and that Mini sold 292,394 units in the same period (-15.8%).

However, sales of electric models, such as the BMW i, BMW iPerformance and Electric Mini, and hybrids rose in 2020 to 192,646 units (+31.8%).

Deliveries of all-electric vehicles improved 13% and those of hybrids almost 40%.

The share of electric and hybrid in total sales in Europe is 15%.

The BMW group wants to expand its electric and hybrid offerings to 13 models, which are available in 74 markets around the world.

Until 2023 BMW wants to expand this number to 25 electric and hybrid models, of which more than half of them will be completely electric.

In 2021 it will start producing the fully electric BMW iX in Dingolfing and the electric BMW i4 in Munich.

BMW has delivered 135,000 electric and hybrid vehicles in Europe and thus has met the requirements of CO2 emission limits.

Rolls-Royce sales also fell sharply in 2020 to 3,756 units (-26.4%), because the new version of the Ghost, its best-selling model, was available only from the end of the year, although orders for the first half of 2021 they are high.

Likewise, motorcycle sales fell last year to 169,272 units (-3.4%).

The director of Sales, Brands and Customer of the BWM group, Pieter Nota, said when presenting the figures that they reacted to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic with great agility in managing sales and production.

In this way, BMW has driven digital sales by the desire of customers for the sales process to be without personal contact and in more than sixty markets dealers can advise customers and sell cars regardless of where they are , setting up the car together on one screen.

Also through sales through web pages, something that it will continue to offer in 2021.

For this reason, in the fourth quarter there was a recovery in group sales of 3.2%.

Sales of BMW and Mini in Europe fell last year to 912,621 units (-15.7%), of which 287,143 units were sold in Germany (-13.4%).

Deliveries in China improved last year to 777,379 units (+ 7.4%), and in the US to 306,870 units (-18%). EFE

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