Boca denounces Barcelona for Ramos Mingo

The new president of Boca Juniors, Jorge Amor Ameal, has confirmed that the Argentine club plans to denounce Barcelona for the signing of Ramos Mingo. In an interview with the Pipí Cucú program, on Late 93.1, the president of Boca has taken stock of the current one, has dealt with many issues and among them also the signing of Ramons Mingo by Barcelona.

10/17/2020 at 5:16 PM


“What happened there is that the previous CD treated him very badly, I don’t know if there was a representative there. Today we started a trial against Barcelona, ​​because we believe we have rights. For us we are the biggest club in the world, and they more should be believed. It is our thinking. We are not willing to let anyone do the wrong things, what happened is outrageous. This player had a following and was reportedly elite. I think Barcelona is not going to take a player who has no chances, right? We thought what they did in very bad taste. Well, with the idol of Barcelona (for Messi) they wanted to make a disaster too, so I am not surprised … “, said the president of Boca Juniors in this interview.

Now it will be necessary to see if Barcelona bet on making Ramos Mingo play this weekend or will wait to solve any bureaucratic problems before the evil can be greater.



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