Bonilla launches strong criticism of US tourists for COVID-19 infections – Telemundo San Diego (20)

TIJUANA- The governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla launched this Sunday a strong criticism of American tourists, because he blames them for being the cause of COVID-19 infections in the entity.

During this first week of orange traffic light in Baja California, the tourist trade on Avenida Revolución in downtown Tijuana, had a slight economic recovery.

And is that by leaving the red traffic light, the influx of restaurants in the area has allowed residents on the other side of the border to arrive with more confidence.

This weekend, they reported an increase of at least 10% in the number of visitors in restaurants in the tourist area. And this Sunday the indicators continue to decline in the entity.

Even in the recent visit of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador to Tijuana, the federal president assured that Baja California will be one of the first states to exit the health contingency.

However, while there are those who benefit from border mobility, Bonilla pointed out that they are visitors from California, which has been the trigger for infections in this entity.

“Despite the community on the north side that have really been the ones who have contaminated us, that is the reality of things,” said Bonilla, during the daily coronavirus conference held this Sunday.

This next week, Baja California remains on an orange traffic light, and according to public health authorities, if the downward trends continue, a possible transition to yellow is visualized.


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