Bono highlights Hamilton’s great performance in Turkey: “We know what’s inside him”

These last races have been really special for both Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. Individual and collective achievements have kept both of them growing and expanding their history in this hybrid era. At the last Turkish GP, the seventh title had finally come to the Briton, without Valtteri Bottas having been in the position to postpone it at any point during the weekend. A key player in Lewis’ careers is Peter Bonnington, Bono, who is always present on team radios and with his legendary phrase ‘it’s Hammer Time’. His track engineer highlights the good work of his driver in Istanbul in which he was not at all expected to go from being out of the Top 5 to finishing in first position. He also had the feeling that everything was under control and that victory was in hand since he climbed to the top of the table. Since 2013, both have been working together and their relationship has improved over the seasons until this perfect alliance has been forged between them.

Bono surprised by Lewis’s performance in Istanbul

“At first it was not as bright as it is now, since 2013 we have grown a lot. No one can be surprised by that performance [la de Turquía]We know what’s inside it, but when it does, you think ‘I didn’t see it coming’. I am an optimistic person, although I did not see that it would happen. In the middle of the race we found rhythm with the Intermediates and it seemed that he had everything under control. On the radio you could tell that it was in a state of tranquility and you think ‘okay, it’s under control’, the engineer concluded in an interview conducted by Sky Sports F1.


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