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The flow of commercial traffic on the border between UK and France has returned this February to levels similar to those of 2020, which removes the fear that there would be long lines of vehicles after the Brexi or departure from this country European Union (EU), reports this Saturday the BBC.

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According to government data seen by the public network, truck traffic from the southern county of Kent, which gives access to France through the Eurotúnel and the port of Dover, this month is at 98% of the levels of February 2020, while the traffic from France is at 99%.

Although normality has been practically restored in the movement of vehicles of goods, compared to the drop recorded in January, figures indicate that around 50% of trucks entering the UK return to the EU empty, reflecting difficulties for the export experienced by some British sectors.

According to the BBC, this means that, so far this month, there are between 1,000 and 2,000 fewer trucks a day leaving the UK with cargo, which is explained both by the new bureaucratic demands and by the effect of the pandemic.

The sectors most affected by the decline in exports they are, according to this analysis, those of perishable goods, such as agriculture and fishing.

According to the public chain, between 80 and 90% of the carriers that arrive at the border in Kent comply with the new customs requirements taxes since last January 1, at the end of the transition period after the Brexi.

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In contrast, around 2.5% have not been able to cross the frontera in February for not presenting the correct documentation, compared to 8% that was registered in the first days of the new customs regime.

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