Borderlands 3 classes brings four new ones Safe hunter into the crazy world of Pandora, each with their own playing styles.

After you have chosen that best class It's time for you to get the most out of them best class builds aim at.

And while ultimately there are no wrong choices, but if you regret having scored points in the wrong ability, then you will learn how to respect in Borderlands 3 will be useful.

Borderlands explains 3 classes, and what's the best class choice for you?

In Borderlands 3, every vault hunter – or class – has its own style of play, which consists of three skill trees and various action abilities. It is worth exploring the offers of each Vault hunter before playing Borderlands 3 to make sure you make the right decision.

Here is every Borderlands 3-class and its ability tree in detail:

The best class does not exist – it all depends on your playing style and your experience. We'll go into more detail about each of the best build sections, but recommend the following:

  • For beginnersWe suggest Moze and Zane. Both have craft trees that reinforce their shields and provide the extra protection you need in the toughest battles.
  • For returning playerswe recommend Amara and Fl4k. Amara focuses on causing large amounts of damage by skillfully using both her melee attacks and her various action abilities. Since Borderlands is a heavily weapon-themed series, it is important to understand the game mechanics to use those skills properly. Fl4k gives the Borderlands series with their pets a completely new style of play. To be a successful Fl4k player, you need to be able to balance both Fl4k itself and your chosen pet.
  • For single playerWe believe that Moze is the best character for solo playing. Their mix of offensive and defensive passive abilities makes it easy to build a strong figure.

You are still undecided or have made a decision and want to know more about the best builds for a particular character? In the following sections you will find some specific build recommendations …

Borderlands 3 Best Amara Build Recommendations

What do you need to know about Amara?


Amara's ability trees revolve around various supernatural sirens. With each one you can attack your enemies in different ways.

Amara focuses on causing large amounts of damage by skillfully using both her melee attacks and her various action abilities. Since Borderlands is a heavily weapon-themed series, it is important to understand the game mechanics to use those skills properly.

Amara can also equip only one action ability, one action ability effect and one action ability element. While this seems like a lot, it actually forces you to be far more selective about your decisions as you navigate your ability tree.

To truly benefit from Amara's abilities, you not only need to understand the Borderlands combat system, but you may also need to have detailed knowledge of Borderlands 3 itself.

Best Amara builds

First, we recommend reading about Amara's ability trees to familiarize herself with her many abilities and powers.

If you want to prioritize melee, then Arekkz Build shock absorbers Allows you to deal a lot of damage to the near and personal. This focuses on the Brawl Tree, and you can make the most of the personal area, Root To Rise, In Harm's Way, your center, and your mindfulness to ensure balance between survivability and harm:

Likewise, our own video team recommends a Rush build this uses more of the Mystic Attack and Fist of the Elements skill trees to prioritize rush stacks.

Borderlands 3 the best Fl4k build recommendations

What do you need to know about Fl4k?


Fl4k the Beastmaster is a walking robot accompanied by a collection of monstrous pets. It is these pets that make Fl4k stand out from the other vault hunters in Borderlands 3, as you can always have a companion.

Each animal attacks your enemies in different ways and offers various bonuses to help Fl4k in combat. The Jabber can shoot enemies with his pistol, while the Spiderant can attack large groups of enemies to cause damage. Finally, there is the Skag, which infuses your enemies with acid.

To be a successful Fl4k player, you need to be able to balance both Fl4k itself and your chosen pet. This means that you must remember to invest the skill points equally into the passive abilities Fl4k and their pets benefit from.

Favoring others prevents Fl4k from reaching its full potential, and can put you in a dire situation when a fight gets bad.

Fl4k's companion can also help you develop brand new combat strategies as you need to consider both their attacks and their health. You do not want your pet to die, do you?

Best Fl4k builds

First, we recommend reading all Fl4k skill trees to familiarize yourself with their many abilities and powers.

Arekkz has one high damage stalker build this focuses more on Fl4k's damage than on his companions and uses – as you may have guessed – the Stalker tree, which focuses on things like "Fade Away", "Furious Attack", "Overclocked" and "Eager to Maximize Impress while paying a little attention to Interplanetary Stalker, Ambush Handler, and more that offer some stacking bonuses:

Do not you want that? Our own video team recommends a pet-heavy build The main focus is on the stalker and master skill trees to predestine the health, damage and strength of your pets.

Borderlands 3 Best Moze Build Recommendations

What do you need to know about Moze?


Moze the Gunner is a former Vladof soldier and is accompanied by her tank Iron Bear.

Moze's ability trees have two main objectives: to match the Iron Bear with a variety of weapons and to help Moze cause as much pain as possible.

Iron Bear can equip two different weapons at the same time, which means that Moze has two different action abilities.

Moze is also a great choice if you want to experiment with the new action skill system in Borderlands 3. Since you can equip two action skills, Moze offers you the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different action skills until you find your perfect combination.

In addition, the Iron Bear is a fantastic way to fight in both simple and difficult battles. All the different weapons are very effective against your enemies and there is also a range of passive skills that will enhance the Iron Bear.

Finally, it is worth mentioning to serial fans that Moze seems partly inspired by Gaige from the Mechromancer DLC for Borderlands 2, which was a great choice for solo players thanks to their action skill Deathtrap.

Best Moze is building

First, we recommend that you read the Moze Skill Tree to familiarize yourself with their many abilities and powers.

One we would really recommend is Arekkz Build up splash damage described as "absolutely crazy" and "broken in a good way", combining a high damage yield with a healthy amount of survivability, so you can continue to fight on, no matter which way you are. It focuses mainly on the Demolition Woman-tree and Moze herself and not on her tank:

In the meantime, our own video team recommends a Tediore Moze build This uses the skill Matched Set, among other things for an enormous amount of fire damage.

Borderlands 3 best Zane Build recommendations

What do you need to know about Zane?


Zane the Operative is a retired corporate killer. He has a number of technical tools to do his job.

You can equip two of Zane's action abilities simultaneously, with two action ability extensions each. That's why Zane is the most adaptable of any new Vault hunter.

Specifically, Zane is great for defense-oriented players, as its "under cover" ability tree allows it to use the action-ability barrier, which, as the name implies, can create a protective barrier between you and your opponents.

Best Zane is building

First, we recommend that you read Zane's ability trees to familiarize yourself with their many abilities and powers.

Just because Zane has some defensive abilities does not mean he's not useful on offense. Arekkz high damage Zane build This provides a balance between survivability, damage recovery, mobility, and grenade spam from both you and your drone.

Likewise, our own video team recommends a Build "down from my lawn", a highly doubled agent that focuses on your cloning and barrier abilities and focuses on freezing enemies to give you some breathing room.

How do action skills work in Borderlands 3?

Each Vault Hunter has three different ability trees to choose from. These skill trees focus on different aspects of your chosen safe hunter. One ability tree can focus on elemental damage while another strengthens your character's defense.

When you select a skill tree, you get your first action ability. This is a unique action that allows you to control the battlefield and destroy your enemies. However, there is a cooldown timer so you can not overuse it.

If you invest skill points in the skill tree you choose, you can unlock a variety of new abilities. These include:

  • Action capability – In Borderlands 3, you can unlock additional action abilities from the various ability trees
  • Action skill augment – These provide new features for the action you choose, such as: For example, various forms of elemental damage
  • Action Skill Element – Unique to Amara the siren, these change the elemental damage of their action ability
  • Action Skill Effect – Amara the siren version of Action Skill Augments
  • Kill ability – Bonuses that are only activated when you kill an enemy
  • Passive skills – Bonuses and abilities that you receive during a fight that has no requirements

You will receive skill points as you complete the storyline missions and side missions throughout the galaxy.

Each Vault Hunter can equip a different number of Action Skills and Action Skill Extensions. In this way, you have many options to customize your Vault Hunter and to experiment with your style of play.

Borderlands 3 is here! Amara, Fl4k, Moze and Zane. We also have instructions for the best class builds and weapon manufacturers waiting for your business. If you want some easy rewards, consult our page Borders 3 Layer Codes and VIP Codes.

How to get your skill points in Borderlands 3

As in previous Borderlands games, you can restore your skill points and skill trees by visiting a quick change station.

Once you reach the next quick change, you'll find the option to restore at the bottom of the Station menu.

The quick change station in the sanctuary.

The cost in Borderlands 3 depends on your level and the amount of skill points you have used. For example, when we were at Level 14, our respec cost was $ 664.

You can find quick change stations throughout the Borderlands universe, but the easiest to reach station is in Sanctuary. It is just a few steps from the Fast Travel Point.