Three and a half years after resigning as British Prime Minister following the referendum of the Brexit, David Cameron has achieved get revenge of the man he blames for his defeat: Boris Johnson.

In an interview with the British newspaper The times before the publication of his memoirs next week, Cameron accused Johnson of campaigning originally for Brexit not because I wanted to get Britain out of the European Union, but simply to advance his career. He accused Johnson's team of "leaving the truth at home" during a campaign in which he behaved "atrociously".

He accuses the British prime minister of campaigning for Brexit "to advance his career"

According to Cameron, Johnson told him that "Brexit would be crushed" when he joined the Leave campaign. "Boris thought he was going to lose", He said.

The interview was conducted before Johnson's controversial decision to suspend parliament Y expel 21 deputies of his Conservative Party for voting against him. But Cameron then wrote to the interviewer explaining that those events had changed his vision of Johnson.

Cameron has been open to a new referendum

"I didn't support any of those things," he said, according to the newspaper. "Nor do I think that a Brexit without agreement is a good idea." Cameron also suggested that it could be another referendum needed. "I don't think it can be ruled out because we are stuck," he said.

Although Cameron is no longer in Parliament, his comments will harm Johnson in one of his most vulnerable areas: credibility. The opposition Labor Party has repeatedly argued that Johnson's assurances about Brexit cannot be believed.

Between 2005 and 2016, Cameron and Johnson worked together to give the game tory A more modern and liberal image. Now, like many conservatives and many Britons, former friends have fought over Brexit.