Boris Johnson Announces $ 22 Billion Military Investment – The Commentary

On this day, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the largest investment military performed since the end of War Cold at United Kingdom which will include a space command, an agency of intelligence artificial and one strength cybernetics.

The program, consisting of 16.5 billion pounds (22 billion Dollars, 18,500 million euros) for the next four years, it was presented by Johnson to Parliament by videoconference from Downing Street since it is in quarantine after having been in contact with a deputy diagnosed with coronavirus.

“I have decided that the era of defense cuts must end and ends now,” he said, calling for an end to the “retreat” to strengthen the influence british in the world.

“I have made this decision in the middle of pandemic (…) Because the defense of the kingdom (…) must be the priority ”, he added.

Added to his electoral promise to increase each year the budget military British 0.5% above inflation, this additional investment unprecedented in the last 30 years means £ 24.1 billion more for companies armed forces.

This increase will lead to budget military to 190 billion pounds in the next four years, strengthening the position of the Kingdom United as the European country that spends the most in Defending (2.2% of its Gross domestic product) and second of the OTAN in back of state United.

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