Boris Johnson, at the center of the controversy for a ‘getaway’ by bicycle in full confinement

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made a escape of 11 kilometers by bicycle on Sunday, in full confinement, and has unleashed a great controversy about compliance with the restrictions by the coronavirus, in the midst of the offensive by the medical authorities and the police for the British to comply with the message of Stay at home (Stay at home).

Downing Street has championed Johnson’s excursion to the Olympic Park, where he was spotted on Sunday, claiming that he has not violated the rules that allow “local” outings for physical exercise.

The “getaway” of premier it has in any case created great confusion among the British. Over the weekend, the government medical advisor, Chris Witty, came to ask the population to “redouble” the efforts of confinement and avoid leaving home to stop the wave of more than 60,000 infections a day.

Witty warned that the most contagious new strain of the virus belongs “to a higher league” and has put hospitals on edge. The United Kingdom has once again been the country with the most deaths from the pandemic, 81,960 as of Monday.

Scotland Yard has meanwhile asked for clarity on the rules of the Downing Street lockdown. Two women were recently fined 200 pounds (222 euros) for driving seven kilometers by car to go to a park to exercise.

Boris Johnson himself may be forced to explain his 11-kilometer bike tour to East London on Wednesday in Parliament and detail how it fits within the rules of confinement that say verbatim: “You should not travel outside of your local area to exercise.”

“Boris Johnson must lead by example,” declared the Labor MP Andy Slaughter. “London has one of the highest infection rates in the country … Time and again, the Prime Minister is asking the British to do what he says and not what he does.”

The news of the “getaway” of premier It comes amid requests from scientists for new restrictions on hordes of Britons who flocked to parks and beaches during an unusually warm weekend in winter, in contrast to the snowfall and frost caused by the storm. Filomena in Spain.

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