Boris Johnson calls on UK to prepare for no-deal Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the British public to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, as he hinted that the UK was walking away from the talks, saying a “fundamental change” in the EU’s position would be needed. to get back to the negotiation. table. The Prime Minister said: “After 45 years of membership, they (the European Union) are not ready, unless there is a fundamental change in approach. “We will thrive mightily as an independent free trade nation, control our borders and our fisheries, and establish our own laws.” He said he made the statement “with great confidence and a big heart” but warned that Brussels “refuses to negotiate” and is leaving the UK, which is likely to end the transition agreement on January 1, without a deal and start negotiate under the rules of the World Trade Association with tariffs applied to goods.

Will Britain leave the European Union without a deal?

Speaking to reporters, Johnson said: “From the beginning, we were very clear that we didn’t want anything more complicated than a Canadian-style relationship based on friendship and free trade. Judging from the recent EU summit in Brussels, this will not work for our EU partners, as they want a continued ability to control our legislative and fishing freedom in a way that is totally unacceptable to an independent country.

“Since we only have 10 weeks until the end of the transition period on January 1, I must judge the likely outcome and prepare. Given that they have refused to negotiate seriously for most of the last few months and since this summit seems to explicitly exclude a Canadian-style agreement, I have come to the conclusion that we must prepare for January 1 with arrangements very similar to the agreement. based on simple principles of global free trade. ”.

Will Britain leave the European Union without a deal?

Britain had set Thursday October 15 as the deadline for reaching an agreement. The European Union is looking to extend these talks until the end of October, but EU Council President Charles Michel said in a statement Thursday that the UK should “take the necessary steps” to make a deal possible instead. that the EU needs to compromise. .

Will Britain leave the European Union without a deal?

“On Brexit, we are united and determined to reach an agreement,” he said. But not at any price “. “Any agreement on our future relationship must be based on our mandate, especially when it comes to equal opportunities, fisheries and governance.
“On these issues, we are concerned about the lack of progress at the negotiating table. We are 100 percent united. We fully trust and support our chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to continue the negotiations. We call on the UK to take the necessary action. “

The rounds of discussion in the negotiations were difficult but it was always assumed that an agreement would be reached at the last minute before the January 1 deadline. It is not clear at this time how likely or probable this possibility will occur, but it is unlikely that the UK will not return to the negotiating table, as evidenced by previous data on the completion of the negotiations.

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