Boris Johnson, divorced between England and Europe

France 5 – Today January 12 at 8:50 p.m. – document

Florent’s Walid Perrisoul and Columbus have found the right candidates to name Boris Johnson: “The ilusionist. “ For more than an hour, the director and co-editor of the documentary, which aired in the “Le Monde My Face” box on France 5, painted a portrait of a British prime minister who is more of a conjurer than a political leader. . The man pays good words and wins the elections, but struggles to continue when the dual reality of Brexit and Government-19 emerges. “We try to answer the question: What if someone is falsely chosen?”, explique Valid Berrissoul.

According to Boris Johnson, the answer is no. In early March 2020, when the epidemic spread, he still laughed at a press conference: “I was going to a hospital where there were covit patients. You will be glad to know that I shook hands with everyone. “ After three weeks, he decides to impose late public imprisonment on other European countries. Soon, he became seriously ill and was in intensive care for three days. She is being cared for by two Portuguese and New Zealand nurses, the same people who may struggle to obtain work visas after Brexit. Rachel Johnson, the prime minister’s sister, is also hurt. “Who noticed you when you were in a bad situation?” You will no longer be allowed to enter the country. “

Give voice to proxies

The film has the immense merit of not being a burden, especially because it gives a voice to the parents and seeks to understand their motives. British fishermen explain their anger when they see their European rivals fishing in their regional waters. Bishop Auckland, who owns a hotel in northeast England, talks about the feeling of abandonment of being persecuted in his region by one of the poorest in the country. An urban financier, for his part, appreciates the specialty of reducing extensive control of markets.

But, file after file, thanks for the clear explanations (Colomb was a reporter in Florentine Figaro For eight years in the UK), the film shows the clear difficulties of leaving the EU.

For example, a supplier of razors regrets having lost the health exemption used in the EU: now each of its items has to spend several hours in hot rooms to be treated, which increases costs. This concern is evident at the Nissan car plant, which exports a large part of its production to the EU. As for the dream of good relations with the Commonwealth, it annoys Swapan Dasgupta, a member of the upper house of the Indian parliament who remembers this former colonial power. “Armed Forces, Deception and Hypocrisy” This has been proven in the past. Finally, Boris Johnson is the leader of a nation today: Scottish dreams of independence and the divisions of Northern Ireland awaken.

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