Boris Johnson exhibits his lack of tact: “I feel like OJ Simpson”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has shown again that among his political qualities is not discretion. This Wednesday, he referred with little luck to one of the most controversial crimes of the 20th century when he visited a health center in Cwmbran, South Wales.

With the cameras as a witness, Johnson tried putting on latex sanitary gloves with great difficulty. Faced with the impossibility of completing an apparently simple action, he could not think of anything else to say: “I feel like OJ Simpson” in reference to one of the key moments of the famous double murder trial against the former football player and television star.

In 1995, during the Los Angeles Supreme Court trial, OJ Simpson was required to put on the gloves allegedly used in the murder of Nicole Brown -ex-wife of the accused- and her friend Ronald Goldman.

In that case, known as ‘the trial of the century’, Simpson couldn’t put on the gloves either, they didn’t fit. His defense then pronounced before the jury a phrase that made a fortune: “If it doesn´t fit, you must acquit” (If they do not fit, you must absolve him).

Simpson was found not guilty after a long criminal trial that kept millions of viewers glued to television for eleven months, in what was considered the most mediatic criminal process in history.

However, two years later another civil court would hold him liable of the death of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, for which he was sentenced to pay compensation to the families of 33.5 million dollars (about 27.8 million euros).

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Simpson would have to do with justice years later, when in 2007 he was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for armed robbery, a sentence that kept him behind bars until 2917.


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