The SNP and Plaid Cymru have suggested that they would support the plan with conservative rebels

The deputies who are waiting await Jeremy Corbyn's next move after his proposal to become acting prime minister to block an agreement without Brexit received a mixed response.

Liberal Democratic leader Jo Swinson wrote to Corbyn suggesting that he meet "in the coming days" to discuss how their parties could work to end Brexit without agreement, but reiterated his belief that this must be someone else who runs a government emergency. .

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When asked how they would react to Ms. Swinson's offer, the Labor Party recalled the previous remarks of his leader in which he welcomed the "encouraging" response of MPs to his plan.

This involves a vote of no confidence by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, an extension of the Brexit deadline beyond 31 October and general elections with him as temporary Prime Minister.

The SNP and Plaid Cymru have suggested that they could support the plan, while some conservative rebels said they would discuss with Mr. Corbyn.

The Prime Minister could face a vote of no confidence when deputies return from their summer vacation (photo: Reuters)
Jeremy Corbyn wants to be installed as acting Prime Minister to delay Brexit (photo: Getty)

Lady Caroline Spelman and the Independent Group for Change refused to support the Corbyn government.

Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps also urged Conservative MPs to think very seriously about how they would respond to the idea of ​​the union government.

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He told reporters, "I think it's absolutely amazing that any Conservative MP is even considering a minute of installing Jeremy Corbyn at Downing Street.

"Jeremy Corbyn would destroy our economy, jobs, livelihoods, savings, I do not think he can be trusted in security or crime, and … I just think any conservative should think This is a very clear choice.

"You have either Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister overthrowing the referendum result, ie Boris Johnson regarding the referendum, by injecting more money into the NHS, more police on the streets to ensure our safety at all."

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Jo Swinson said that she was in favor of blocking the non-agreement but that she thought that someone else should lead an emergency government (Photo: Getty)

While the different factions of Remain were divided on the issue, Johnson used Twitter to repeat his Brexit plan.

He wrote: "The result of the referendum must be respected. We will leave the EU on October 31st. "

Former Conservative ministers Dominic Grieve and Sir Oliver Letwin were contacted by Mr. Corbyn.

Mr Grieve said that a national unity government led by Mr Corbyn was the "most unlikely way", noting that the leader of the Labor Party had "utterly abominable" views for him.

He said he was happy to talk to Mr. Corbyn about ways to "cooperate" to end a Brexit without debate, adding to the BBC: "Even for a short time, a prime minister, acting, must be someone who can inspire confidence – and such people exist in the House of Commons and would be able to do it.

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Jeremy Corbyn could get support from some Conservative MPs (Photo: Reuters)

"I must say that given the story of Jeremy Corbyn, it's hard to see how he could possibly be able to do such a thing."

Independent Group Member for Change Chris Leslie, former Labor Party member and long-time critic for Corbyn, said Parliament must legislate to end a Brexit without agreement.

He added on Twitter: "I do not want a Johnson government. I would prefer a real administration of national unity.

"But unless we can be absolutely certain of getting figures, the dissolution of Parliament after 14 days gives Boris the total power to collapse without any agreement."