Boris Johnson faces criticism for handling pandemic

From tomorrow, the nine million Londoners will be prohibited from meeting with family and friends in closed spaces, in what is considered the greatest restriction on private life currently imposed in Europe to fight the second wave of coronavirus.

The British capital and seven other small areas of England went to the “high” alert level, as a result of the increase in the number of infections. The United Kingdom already has more than 43,000 confirmed deaths from Covid-19 and the number of infections has increased rapidly in recent days to almost 20,000 daily.

These new restrictions have not generated a series of criticisms against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as his strategy is being questioned. Jonathan Ashworth, responsible for health issues in the opposition Labor Party, reproached him that “much of this could have been avoided” if the Conservative government had used the summer to deploy an effective test and trace system.

While Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said he and the leaders of the region’s 10 districts would resist pressure to impose tougher local measures. He even threatened to take the matter to court to avoid tougher restrictions.

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