Boris Johnson faces criticism for health certificate

Both Democratic and Labor opponents and a group of Conservative MPs are against the initiative. It is considered a discriminatory measure.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced renewed questioning from members of his Conservative Party and the opposition after backing the idea of ​​a health certificate so that people vaccinated against the coronavirus or who do not have the disease can enter mass events and other closed places In England.

The opposition Labor Party and Liberal Democrats are resisting the use of such a certificate at the national level, while a group of Conservative MPs also showed their discontent.

The government is studying how to allow people to more easily show whether they have been vaccinated, recently tested negative for coronavirus, or have natural immunity after being ill.

Johnson told reporters Monday that a final decision on this has not yet been made, but that the health certificate could serve so that these people attend mass events in the framework of a gradual relaxation of the confinement that has been in force in England for months.

“A discriminatory idea”, qualified from the opposition

A Party source told The Guardian newspaper that the bill is unlikely to be endorsed when it comes up for a vote in Parliament. The same source indicated that the ministers did not sufficiently explain how the plan could work and what its purpose really is.

Labor leader Keir Starmer called the idea discriminatory, while Labor MP Jonathan Ashworth demanded that the government be “honest and clear” about what its plans are for implementing the certificate.

“The government has to clear this up because it is creating confusion,” Ashworth told Sky News television. He considered it discriminatory to tell someone that they cannot enter a store or business unless they present their vaccination status, taking into account that there are people, such as pregnant women or those with some diseases, who cannot be vaccinated.

“We demand that the government be honest and clear in its objectives”


A key official in favor of the idea

The Secretary of State responsible for vaccination against Covid-19 in the United Kingdom, Nadhim Zahawi, defended the idea of ​​the certificate, saying that it would be “negligent” on the part of the Government not to consider it as a way to fully reopen the economy.

“It is correct that we look at all these options that are available to us to recover our lives,” he stressed.

The issue in the European Union

From the ruling party, it is hoped that this can facilitate the reduction of social distancing in mass events and allow, on the other hand, international travel.

The European Union (EU) are evaluating the creation of a “health passport” to allow travel next summer for people vaccinated against the coronavirus, but the idea is rejected by several countries of the bloc.

Meanwhile, Johnson confirmed on Monday the relaxation of some of the strict restrictions that have been in force in England due to the coronavirus since April 12, including the reopening of hairdressers, shops, gyms, pubs and restaurants that provide outdoor services.

Johnson confirmed on Monday the relaxation of some of the strict restrictions that have been in force in England due to the coronavirus since April 12.

More than 126,000 deaths from coronavirus

With quarantine and vaccination, infections and deaths fell dramatically since last January, although the United Kingdom accumulates more than 126,000 deaths from coronavirus.

Currently, more than 32 million people have already received at least one dose of the coronavirus drug, while more than five million received the second application.

According to government plans, the total removal of restrictions in England should be on June 21.

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