Boris Johnson includes Galn and Pallete along with Gates in the business ‘top ten’ of preparation of the G-7

Updated Tuesday, May 4, 2021 –

The British Prime Minister presides over the club this year and cites Iberdrola and Telefnica for the energy and digital challenge

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at last Friday’s telematic meeting with a dozen business leaders. In the center, below, the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Snchez Galn

Spain is not part of the G-7, the group of the seven most industrialized powers, but two Spanish companies do participate in its preparation as a sign that multinationals exceed the weight of the country in which they are headquartered.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, selection of the Chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio snchez galn, and Telefnica, Jos Mara lvarez Pallete, for a reduced telematic meeting in preparation for the G-7 summit next June. Sources from both companies declined to comment to EL MUNDO on the content of the meeting beyond confirming the participation of their respective presidents.

The invitation is due to the fact that Johnson has assumed the presidency of the G-7 this year and has called the summit for next June 11 in Cornwall. It will also be the host of the next climate summit. The so-called COP26 will take place in Glasgow next November.

Johnson met with ten business leaders from around the world on Friday: Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan), Larry Fink (BlackRock) Bill Gates, (founder of Microsoft and president of the Gates Foundation) Sunil bharti mittal (Bharti Enterprises), Anne Richards (Fidelity International) Julie Sweet (Accenture) Carol Tom (UPS) Bill Winters (Standard Chartered) and the aforementioned Galn and lvarez Pallete.

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“I spoke with business leaders on how we can drive the global economic recovery through public and private investment, fight against climate change and develop new technologies to boost prosperity while protecting our shared values, “Johnson summarizes this meeting on his Linkedin profile.

Galn was a speaker on the challenge of the energy transition to protect the environment and he is a continuous defender of the G-7 and the G-20 accelerating the process with bureaucratic agility and legal security for investments. Johnson asked Pallete how to increase broadband connectivity. The president of Telefnica emphasizes that almost any municipality in Spain has more fiber deployed than large capitals from other European countries and exhibits the digitization infrastructure of the fourth euro economy as a model during the pandemic.

The official version of Downing Street, which you issue the invitations, is that “the June summit to be the first of the G7 to be carbon neutral, so there was talk of the crucial role that companies play in the global fight against climate change, before COP26 to be held in Glasgow later this year. “The prime minister also asked bankers present such as Dimon and Fink his opinion on the financing of the climate change process and the introduction of new technologies. According to this version, the current president of the G-7 was also interested in what is “the best way in which governments and business leaders can design the role and application of new technologies in ways that promote prosperity and competition, while upholding the values ​​of the G7 and they ensure that social and economic inequalities are addressed, from improving broadband connectivity to fighting climate change and access to education. “

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Johnson has scope as a host to invite non-G-7 countries to exceptionally attend the Summit. Spain is not among them Nor does he maintain a particularly close relationship with the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez. The British conservative leader has invited Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa to his first major international event after Brexit in an attempt to strengthen relations with new markets in the new setting outside the European Union.

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