Boris Johnson is not the savior | By Matías Vallés

When reviewing the meticulous steps that Boris Johnson imposes on the British de-escalation of the pandemic, it produces chills to contemplate how in the phase corresponding to April and with Easter already misplaced, “No international holidays” are ordered. And by authorizing “international travel” starting “at the earliest” on May 17, yet another additional caution is introduced, “subject to review.”

Boris Johnson is not the savior, but a distrustful co-owner of Mallorca. In fact, it already authorized “international trips” last summer, to suddenly close them in July, as the number of infections in Mallorca swelled. Therefore, do not ask yourself if London will allow its citizens to fly, but if it will authorize them to travel to an island that has not complied with all vaccination plans, at one percent per month immunized.

As for the jubilant increase in the hiring of vacation packages by six hundred percent, a cycle tourism entrepreneur pointed out that in 2019 he had two thousand reservations, for a single and danceable in this 2021. A six hundred percent more are seven reservations. Mathematics hates storytellers.


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